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Who we are

After identifying a need to bring agency level digital marketing to everyday businesses, Dalton Chakma founded a team of experts in 2011.

Since then the team have become a trusted go-to agency providing online services to bridge this gap.

We are a creative team with a diverse range of skills.  We roll up our sleeves, we work hard and we wonder.  We wonder, ‘can this be done better’, we wonder, ‘what do your customers want’, we wonder and then we act in the best interest of your business.

We love to talk.  We want to understand you and your business, we want you to be a partner, not just a client.

Our experience

Creative Services - 12 years
Web Development - 10 years
Market Research - 8 years
Digital Marketing - 7 years
Mobile App Development - 8 years
Search Engine Optimization - 10 years

Expert Teams

Dalton Chakma

Founder & Senior Web Developer

Riton Chakma

Digital Marketer & Frontend Developer

Alex Blackwood

Full-stack Web Developer

Miriam Whte

Graphic Designer

Principles of our work


How do you feel about solving your biggest communication problem?


If you can’t feel it, how can you respond to it?


What’s so personal about digital?

Latest projects

Our clients